From the start of its redevelopment, NYC3 was planned and sited to withstand a hundred-year storm. NYC3 is located within Flood Zone “C” and during Hurricane Sandy the high storm surge stopped two blocks from 375 Pearl Street. The retrofit building holds 255,000 gallons of backup diesel fuel for its generators with redundant fuel suppliers on call to provide added capacity. In addition, all critical infrastructure systems can withstand a storm surge of more than 50-feet.

Ample Available Power

  • 18 MW ramping to 40 MW supported by N + 2 feeder
  • 13,200 Kv medium voltage service to floors
  • High-tension service is distributed at higher voltage
  • Comprehensively updated electrical service in building
  • Switchgear maintained to datacenter standards by ops teams

Robust Fiber Connectivity

  • Multiple paths with diverse entrances
  • Neutral meet-me rooms
  • NYC3 rapid connect to carrier hotels available
  • Excellent and unique line of site for wireless
  • National network to remotely located, low-cost sites
  • Multiplicity of carrier-neutral options

Fuel and Water Backup

  • 72-plus hours of generator backup
  • 255,000 gallons of fuel on-site
  • Backup chiller water to cooling systems
  • 72 hours of water storage


  • New York Police Department next door
  • Secure vehicular access enforced by NYPD
  • 24x7x365 on-site security team
  • Closed circuit television cameras
  • Secured building access
  • Fire suppression via dual interlocked pre-action sprinkler system with incipient smoke detection VESDA